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Losing handfuls of hair may be a warning sign that your hormones are imbalanced or something else is going on with your health. At A2KWellness. Amandeep Kaur, FNP, offers in-office health exams and blood work to determine what’s contributing to your hair loss. She customizes a treatment plan using high-quality supplements. To schedule a consultation for hair loss, call the office in Roselle, Illinois, today, or book a consultation online.

Hair Loss Q&A

What causes hair loss?

Many factors influence your hair’s growth and overall health. Though most people lose up to 100 hairs a day, some people experience a more significant loss of hair because of:

  • Stress
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Hormonal changes
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Excessive use of styling products

You may also be a risk for hair loss as you get older, especially if you’re a woman in menopause. If you have dietary deficiencies, you may not be giving your body enough nutrients to support hair growth. 

When should I seek treatment for hair loss?

If you notice your hair is thinning or falling out, you can schedule a consultation at A2KWellness.

Ms. Amandeep offers comprehensive health evaluations to identify the underlying cause of your hair loss. This may include blood work to confirm a hormone imbalance or an evaluation of your hair sample under a microscope.

Based on your testing results, Ms. Amandeep creates a treatment plan to support the health of your existing hair and promote new hair growth.

How is hair loss treated?

To stimulate new hair growth and improve the health of your existing hair, Ms. Amandeep recommends supplements. There are supplements available to revitalize the look and feel of your hair and reduce the frequency and severity of hair loss. These same supplements are also beneficial for nail growth. 

The supplements she uses in your hair loss treatment contain only the purest ingredient so that you can avoid unnecessary chemicals, additives, and fillers. Ms. Amandeep can suggest vitamins like D, E, A, C, and biotin to support healthy hair growth, so new hairs grow naturally, and your existing hair looks thicker and fuller than before.  

You may also need to make changes to your diet to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients to protect your hair and nail growth. Leafy greens, eggs, avocados, nuts, and berries contain essential vitamins and minerals your hair needs to stay healthy.

If you have an underlying hormone imbalance or another medical condition, Ms. Amandeep can refer you to a specialist for additional treatment. 

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for hair loss, call A2KWellness today, or book a consultation online.