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If you’re struggling to lose weight because of a slow metabolism, you may benefit from injections of B12 LipoLean. At A2KWellness, Amandeep Kaur, FNP, provides B12 LipoLean injections to support your weight loss goals and improve your sense of well-being. Ms. Amandeep customizes a treatment plan for follow-up injections to meet your individual health and maximize your results. Call the office in Roselle, Illinois, today to schedule a B12 LipoLean consultation, or book an appointment online.

B12 Lipo Lean Q&A

What is B12 LipoLean?

B12 LipoLean is an injectable therapy that can increase your energy and boost your metabolism.

The B vitamin family has eight vitamins that help your body produce cellular energy from the food you eat and support the function of your nervous system. You also need B vitamins for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.

Why should I consider B12 LipoLean?

If you aren’t getting enough B12 or other B vitamins in your daily diet, you may experience side effects like a lack of energy or difficulties losing weight.

A2KWellness offers B12 LipoLean injections to supplement these vitamins and improve your overall wellness. You should consider the injections if you’re trying to lose weight or are looking to improve your energy levels. You may also be a candidate for B12 LipoLean if you have underlying medical issues that make it difficult for you to absorb essential nutrients.

When you take oral vitamins, they must first go through your digestive system and your body may not be able to fully absorb them. By injecting the vitamins directly into your muscles, you can enjoy their full benefit.

What can I expect during my B12 LipoLean injections?

A2KWellness offers B12 LipoLean injections on a weekly or biweekly basis over the course of several weeks. Ms. Amandeep can customize your treatment to your specific needs and the reason you’re undergoing treatment.

She injects the vitamins directly into your muscles. Each injection contains vitamin B12 and:


Methionine is an amino acid that helps prevent fat buildup on the liver and in your body.


Inositol is a nutrient in the B vitamin family that helps metabolize fats, reduce cholesterol in your blood, and boost your levels of serotonin, a mood-boosting chemical messenger.


Choline supports the function of your endocrine, cardiovascular, and hepatic systems.  Choline is also vital for your liver health and helps eliminate toxins and waste from your body and metabolize fats and cholesterol.


Methylcobalamin is an active metabolite in vitamin B12. It is essential for growth, cell reproduction, and other biologic processes.

The in-office injections are fast, and Ms. Amandeep focuses on your comfort and safety. She can determine how often you need B12 LipoLean injections based on your weight loss goals and existing health.

To find out if B12 LipoLean injections are right for you, schedule a consultation online or by calling A2KWellness today.