Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Located in Roselle, Mediwellness specializes in nutritional therapy and dietary guidance. We are passionate about helping our patients lose weight and prevent chronic diseases that often comes with obesity. According to Center for Disease Center (CDC), obesity rates are high as 42% in adult Americans.

Despite an increase in numbers of fitness centers and diets, obesity rates continues to spike.

More than ever, people are seeking information on what is healthy eating? If there is no understanding on how to have a balanced meal with fats, proteins and carbohydrates then it can be overwhelming to sustain a diet. Therefore, one may overindulge and lose motivation to stay on a diet.

We love to educate our patients on how to choose the right food from each food group. Obesity is preventable. We want to take every measure to prevent and maintain chronic diseases. Food should be enjoyable and helps us heal. It should not deteriorate our health.

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